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Are you looking for compost worms for sale?

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Why should you consider buying worms online?

It might surprise you to learn that you can, in fact, buy worms online, and Amazon is a good place to start looking. If you’re trying to set up a new worm composting pile or you need to replenish the worm stock in your existing one, online shopping may be able to help you find what you need.

Here are a few benefits of buying your worms through the Internet:

  • Buying worms online allows you to purchase in bulk and save money over the price you might find in many local stores.
  • You can choose between several different types and qualities of worms when buying online, so you don’t have to feel too limited by a smaller supply.
  • In many areas, it can be challenging to find a place that sells worms. However, when you buy online, you don’t have to worry about hunting down worms that may not be readily available in your area.

And here are a few downsides to consider:

  • There is always a risk that worms might die in transit, or might have been shipped with some already dead before they ever left. When you buy online, you don’t have the benefit of checking to be sure all your worms are alive before you purchase.
  • Depending on where you live, you may not be able to receive live animals through the mail, and may have to schedule a pickup at your local post office instead of having them delivered to your door.
  • If you can’t find reviews for the worms you’re interested in buying, it may be difficult to tell the quality. You may have to take a leap of faith if you’re purchasing from a supplier without a lot of reviews to check out.

Deciding whether or not to buy worms online can be a tough call, especially if you’ve never tried it before. However, with a little planning and foresight, there’s no reason why you can’t purchase worms from the Internet and enjoy healthy, happy composting worms easily.

Below, we’ve put together reviews for five excellent worm choices available online currently. These worms are all good quality options and provide enough worms to help you get started setting up a composting bin. Pick your favorites and get ready to get started composting with the assistance of worms!

Read on to find some of the best composting worms for sale online.

Option #1

Red Compost Worms with Free Worm Food

100 Red Compost Worms CheapWormsForSale

With these Red Compost Worms with Free Worm Food, you can add to your existing compost pile or get started with a small-size compost pile from the ground up. These worms are affordable and come with a little bit of moist peat most to help them get established in their new location easily.


  • This bag of 100 worms comes with additional worm food to make raising and establishing them even more convenient.
  • The worms arrive alive and healthy.


  • The worms may be young on arrival and need a few weeks to get big enough to compost.
  • The worms may be a little dried out on arrival and need to be rehydrated.

Option #2

BloomsNBuds Red Wiggler Worms

BloomsnBuds 200 Red Wiggler Worms

Try these BloomsNBuds Red Wiggler Worms if you’re looking for a low-cost solution to your worm needs. These worms come in a bag of 200 and are the perfect choice for breaking down compost in an organic, safe, and healthy way.


  • These worms can also be used for fish bait if you are looking for a bait supplier as well.
  • The worms tend to arrive with at least most of them alive and healthy.


  • Rarely, some customers have received worms with mites in the soil.
  • The worms may arrive young and small, and may need a couple of weeks to get started composting.

Option #3

Organic Red Wiggler Earthworms

250+ Red Wiggler Earthworms, Organic and Sustainably Raised

These Organic Red Wiggler Earthworms are healthy and high-quality worms perfect for composting. They are raised sustainably so you don’t have to worry about purchasing worms that don’t come from an eco-friendly source, and they are ready to use on arrival.


  • These worms come in a package of 250, which is ideal for smaller composting spaces.
  • The worms are safe to feed to lizards and fish as well.


  • Many customers feel they do not receive the full number of worms when ordering this choice.
  • The worms may arrive dead in some instances.

Option #4

NaturesGoodGuys Live Composting Red Worms

NaturesGoodGuys Live Redworms Composting Red Worms - 600 Red...

Pick up a bag of NaturesGoodGuys Live Composting Red Worms to jumpstart your compost pile. These worms are guaranteed to be live on arrival and are ready to get started working on processing your waste immediately. Shipped in a canvas bag, the worms are easy to add to your compost in just a few short minutes.


  • These worms come in a bag of 600, which is a perfect size to start most composting.
  • The company is easy to get in touch with if you have any issues.


  • Some shipments may arrive damaged, which can cause damage to the worms as well.
  • The worms may be too small for some customers.

Option #5

Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm Live Composting Worms

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No products found. are a high-quality worm choice that is popular with many customers. These worms come with a mite-free guarantee as well as a live arrival guarantee, so you can be sure you’re getting worms that are still alive and healthy. These worms are safe for composting as well as for feeding to aquarium fish.


  • These worms come with directions that can help you learn how to use them in your compost bin.
  • These worms come in a bulk-size box including one thousand worms.


  • The company may take some time to send out the worms, although they don’t remain in transit long after this.
  • Some individuals feel the price is too high on this option.
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Now that you’ve had a chance to check out our favorite worm picks online, it’s time to choose the worms that work best for you. All of these offers listed above are good quality solutions for your worm needs, but you may want to take some time and compare the ones you are the most interested in.

But how can you know you’re really getting good worms when you buy? Here are a few tips to help you pick the best worms:

  • Choose worms that come from an established seller. These sellers should have at least some reviews and should have a web site or some other form of contact information for you to reach out if there’s an issue with your product.
  • Pick worms that come in the right volume for your needs. If you don’t need a thousand worms, then don’t buy them—but if you do, then be sure to look around for a larger bulk order.
  • Choose worms that come with some type of guarantee, whether that may be live arrival or mite-free worms.

Keep these suggestions in mind to make your shopping experience easy and convenient. In no time, you’re sure to bring home worms that will work well in your compost pile.

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