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Where can you find compost for sale?

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Worm Castings Organic Fertilizer, Wiggle Worm Soil Builder,...
10,964 Reviews
Worm Castings Organic Fertilizer, Wiggle Worm Soil Builder,...
  • An organic fertilizer featuring pure earthworm castings
  • Organic and odorless, the nutrients are perfectly balanced for immediate and long term absorption
  • Using only a small amount provides incredible results making this soil builder cost effective

Is it possible to find it on Amazon?

If you order compost online, is it going to be good quality?

Although you may be able to buy compost in physical stores, there are many situations in which you might prefer to purchase it online. Buying compost online isn’t a bad idea, but it can take some time to find one that’s a good quality.

When you purchase compost from Amazon, you have the ability to check the reviews and look into the seller, too. You can determine whether or not the source of the compost is a reputable one, and you can see what other customers are saying about it.

These are both very useful tools when buying compost online, whether from Amazon or from elsewhere. Take your time checking out what customers have to say about these choices you’re thinking of buying, and pay attention to the recommended use of your compost for best results.

And the next time you find yourself wondering, “Is there any compost for sale near me?” take a look at our list of options below!

Option #1

Container Booster Mix

No products found.

This No products found. comes in a six-quart bag to help you meet your composting needs. It’s made up of entirely organic and all-natural sources, with no chemicals added. This compost features both animal manure and plant waste as its main ingredients, with granite as an additive. It’s designed to be mixed into your existing soil for best results and is an excellent way to provide additional nutrients to your plants without having to worry about making your own compost at home.


  • This compost is especially ideal for plants grown in container gardens.
  • It’s safe to use this compost on raised garden beds.


  • The bag size for this compost is smaller than some others on our list.
  • The compost may not always be in stock and available.
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Option #2

Charlie’s Compost

Charlie's Compost 10lb

Charlie’s Compost is a popular choice that provides a lot of healthy ingredients for many different types of plants. The main ingredient in this compost bag is manure from chickens, but it also includes clay, straw, and other plant-based materials. This compost is designed to be mixed with soil from your garden or yard, so your plants are able to grow in their familiar soil with some added nutrients to keep them healthy and strong. It’s easy to mix and use this compost without having to worry about what’s going on your edible or decorative plants.


  • It is possible to use this compost without mixing it in some instances.
  • Flowers particularly enjoy this compost.


  • It’s important not to overdo it with this compost, as it can do more harm than good when there’s too much on a given plant.
  • Some customers have reported seeing minimal improvement in their vegetables with this compost.

Option #3

Wiggle Worm Organic Fertilizer

Worm Castings Organic Fertilizer, Wiggle Worm Soil Builder,...

If you prefer to go with something a little different for your composting needs, you might want to try this Wiggle Worm Organic Fertilizer. This fertilizer contains worm castings and is meant to be an additive for use with your existing soil. Particularly when you have low-quality soil to begin with, you can make a big difference for the better by mixing this compost into the dirt and letting the ingredients do the hard work for you. This compost also makes it easier for your plants to absorb nutrients, so they’ll look and taste great for longer than ever before.


  • This option is one of the best-selling types of compost online with many satisfied customers.
  • This compost is ideal for improving soil quality.


  • The compost contains sand as a filler and may not always work well for worms because of this.
  • Some customers have had gnat issues with this compost, although this is rare.

Option #3

Blue Ribbon Organics Certified Organic Compost

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Many customers enjoy the results when they compost their plants with No products found.. The compost is a great starting point for earthworm composting, but it can also be used by itself or mixed into your existing soil, depending on your needs. The ingredients in this compost include natural sources such as hay, grass, leaves, and vegetable peels and waste, so everything is completely organic and safe to use on all types of plants. Best of all, thanks to the design of this compost, your soil will be more aerated and will encourage the growth of healthy bacteria, too.


  • The quality of this compost is very good, and it is filled with nutrients plants need.
  • This compost is certified organic, so you never have to wonder about whether or not it really meets organic requirements.


  • Some customers have had trouble getting this compost to mix well into their soil.
  • The compost may sometimes contain animal manure, which some customers prefer to stay away from.
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Option #4

100% Natural Mint Compost

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Certain types of soils and plants may require a slightly more unique take on compost. If this is true of your plants’ needs, consider this No products found.. This compost is designed to break down soil that has a lot of clay present naturally, but it can also help hold onto moisture and nutrients when used in combination with sandy soils. Many customers enjoy using this type of mulch on roses specifically, since it helps deter pests that are prone to bothering these delicate flowers. You can also use this compost on shrubbery when mixed with other soils.


  • It can be tricky to find a compost that’s safe for roses, but this option works well for more delicate plant needs.
  • The box contains 28 quarts, which is recommended for use on about 20 roses.


  • This compost may not be strong enough for all types of plants.
  • The compost is pricey in comparison to some other options.
No products found.


Now that you’ve had a chance to check out some of our favorite online compost options, it’s time to pick your favorite and get started gardening right away! Any of the composts from our list above are high quality options, and you’re sure to be pleased with the results when you use them. However, some are better for certain types of plants than others, so keep this in mind while you do your shopping.

And if you prefer to buy locally, you’re not alone in that, either! Here are a few solutions for local compost purchasing:

  • Craigslist – You may be able to meet locals and buy from them via Craigslist. Be cautious and practice safe meeting habits if you do this.
  • Facebook – Local groups and hobbyists may sell or barter compost online through Facebook.
  • Farmers’ markets and community gardens – Some local farmers and gardeners who make their own compost sell through these venues.
  • Home improvement stores and garden stores – You may find some brand names on the shelves of local stores.

It’s up to you to choose where you want to purchase your compost. As long as you’re buying a good quality product that works for your specific plants and setup, there’s no need to worry too much about where it comes from. And someday, you might just want to set up your own composting pile in the backyard, too!

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